On September 1st, as America was set to celebrate the last three day weekend of the summer, music icon and King Parrot Head, Jimmy Buffett, passed away after a four year battle with a very rare skin cancer. For millions of fans, Jimmy was a soundtrack of boats, beaches, bars and ballads – music escapism that eclipsed time and place. For, the owner of Fini’s Landing in Tucson Arizona – Doug Finical or “Fini” to his friends – Jimmy Buffett was a lifestyle and a path to entrepreneurial spirit. Chris and Sean remember the life and legacy of Jimmy Buffett while entertaining Fini’s own tales of a life lived understanding and honoring the Key West troubadour. #BubblesUP

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Episode 158 – Sean is now Catholic!

June 25th, 2024|

Sean talks about his conversion to Catholicism after being a life-long member of the LDS Church. From his mission to Indiana, to serving as a bishop of two wards in the LDS