The third GOP Presidential debate provided interesting discussion, but in the end, was largely meaningless. We know that DeSantis is playing it safe, Nikki Haley is kicking ass and taking names, Ramaswamy is proving to be as insufferable as we expected and Tim Scott and Chris Christie are dead men walking. The GOP suffered big losses in Tuesday’s election with Kentucky Democratic Governor Beshear winning reelection, and Gov. Youngkin of Virginia fell short of his hoped trifecta by losing both the Assembly and the Senate. Meanwhile in Ohio, a radical pro-abortion constitutional amendment passed with a whopping 57% of the vote. Sean talks about all this, and how the pro-life movement is failing on this jam-packed episode of Light Beer Dark Money.

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Episode 158 – Sean is now Catholic!

June 25th, 2024|

Sean talks about his conversion to Catholicism after being a life-long member of the LDS Church. From his mission to Indiana, to serving as a bishop of two wards in the LDS