For over thirty minutes in the fourth and final Republican debate, Vivek Ramaswamy singularly distinguished himself for his blatant misogyny. Once it calmed down, there was one overall winner… and that continues to be Donald Trump. Chris and Sean discuss the quest for illustrious second place in the Republican Presidential primary.

Meanwhile, the Presidents of MIT, Harvard and Penn were on Capitol Hill and could not dig themselves out of the disgusting antisemitism plaguing their campuses. Instead, they doubled down on not condemning the genocide of Jews in the strange hopes their minions on the Left will protect them. Fortunately, they awoke this morning to find the opposite.

And, Chris and Sean remember an Arizona contrarian trailblazer, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

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Episode 158 – Sean is now Catholic!

June 25th, 2024|

Sean talks about his conversion to Catholicism after being a life-long member of the LDS Church. From his mission to Indiana, to serving as a bishop of two wards in the LDS