Several weeks ago, Joe Biden gave an impromptu evening press conference where he lied to the American people about an interview he gave to Special Counsel, Robert Hur. He also misconstrued the President of Egypt with the President of Mexico. He also trailed off several times and lost his train of thought. Robert Hur chose not to prosecute President Biden due to his lack of mental acuity in his understanding and handling of sensitive, top secret documents, that he illegally had in his possession in SEVEN different locations for several years – documents he acquired as a US Senator and former VP, contrary to US law. But President Biden deflects any issue or criticism with his faulty memory of the death of his son, Beau Biden, who was the Golden Child of the Biden Crime Family. Chris and Sean discuss all of this and more in a vibrant back and forth RANT which will leave you more concerned for the country, but laughing just the same. #mustlisten

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Episode 145 – DAVE PRATT LIVE!

April 15th, 2024|

Chris and Sean are on the Road to Palookaville with legendary Morning Mayor and Sex Machine Band Superstar, Dave Pratt. It’s been 3 years since Light Beer|Dark Money joined Star Worldwide