It’s Holy Week and Chris and Sean welcome back, Brian Burch, of CatholicVote for a deep discussion of the idolatry we place in politics and political figures at the detriment of our own faith. Whether it be larger than life personalities like TRUMP; or, messianic complexes like, OBAMA, the electorate seems to idolize the “Strongman” to write the wrongs of society. However, for Christians, it feels like darkness surrounds with the burning of churches and government prosecution of believers. The answer lies in a Savior who transcended governments and politics for a millennia; and, who challenges our very understanding of our own “truth”. Jesus is Lord. And, you’re not. A #mustlisten during this Easter Week. Happy Easter. He is Risen.

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Episode 158 – Sean is now Catholic!

June 25th, 2024|

Sean talks about his conversion to Catholicism after being a life-long member of the LDS Church. From his mission to Indiana, to serving as a bishop of two wards in the LDS