With the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank, Sean and Chris sit down with Jon Hunter – who for 18 years was CIO of Computer Associates – to discuss the pervasive culture of “chasing unicorns” in the tech industry.

Fascination with gross and fake valuations and the ever human pursuit of net worth and wealth has led to cycle after cycle of business miscalculations and missteps – with SVP being no exception. But, Jon sees hope in a return to “old school” business practices of integrity, hard work, and interpersonal relationships – ones that he preaches in his podcast and consulting – Hunter X Lives.

Jon also talks about his years building one of the most recognizable charities in the Valley of the Sun – Celebrity Fight Night – with the indelible and legendary, Muhummad Ali. A #mustlisten podcast for those who also believe unicorns in business and in life are fake…

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