Cody Ritchie makes a resounding second visit to Light Beer | Dark Money! Sitting in for Sean, Cody and Chris engage in a meandering RANT about the secret to his success as President & CEO of Crest Insurance Company; the unbelievable growth of Tempe and the Coyotes Stadium vote; Clean UP Tucson and Urban Blight; Trump’s successes and failures and his chances at regaining the Presidency; and the total and complete implosion of Bud Light – especially in rural areas like Wyoming. Is there hope for America? Only in the ruggedness and heroic nature of a real American Cowboy like Cody. A #mustlisten of #Faith, #Freedom and #FreeEnterprise

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Episode 105 – Charlie Plumb is Our Hero

August 28th, 2023|

Chris and Sean are honored and humbled to spend some meaningful time with former Hanoi Hilton POW, Captain Charlie Plumb. On this, the five-year anniversary of the passing of Senator John