Chris and Sean discuss new and emerging political poll numbers showing some candidates surging while others leveling off. Too many questions… Will a slumping Kari Lake hold on to be the next Governor of Arizona? Will surging Don Bolduc pull off a huge upset in New Hampshire against Dem Senator Maggie Hassan? Does a leveling-off JD Vance have what it takes to make it over the finish line in Ohio? Most importantly, the biggest question of the Election Season – Where is Mark Kelly?? Having never crossed 50% and spent untold godly amounts of $$, will Blake Masters pull off the upset?

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Episode 105 – Charlie Plumb is Our Hero

August 28th, 2023|

Chris and Sean are honored and humbled to spend some meaningful time with former Hanoi Hilton POW, Captain Charlie Plumb. On this, the five-year anniversary of the passing of Senator John