Last week, it was revealed that classified documents were found in a closet at a think tank in Washington, DC called, Penn Biden – an organization not many people even knew existed – though it was primarily funded by the Chinese Communist Party. The past 24 hours came revelations that even MORE documents were found at the Biden family compound in Delaware. While comparisons to Trump abound, the whole drip, drip of revelations seems suspect. Is the deep, deep, deep state torpedoing Uncle Joe? If so, what does this mean for Kamala and the rest of the Democratic Party? Chris and Sean discuss in a quick RANT!

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Episode 71 – The Presence of Dan Quiggle

January 2nd, 2023|

Dan Quiggle is an internationally known speaker and consultant to companies and CEO’s, inspiring Optimistic Leadership with his work at the Quiggle Group. He is also an author and serial entrepreneur