Chris and Sean react to the MSNBC report about how fitness has become “right wing”! They discuss this absurdity – and why fitness should be a non-partisan issue – something EVERYONE should do. They discuss RFK Jr., pull-ups, the Murph, and whether President Joe Biden should embrace his white nationalism and work out more! Also, a call-out to the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the beast she was in the gym. Go move your body!

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Episode 133 – We can’t let Russia win!

February 15th, 2024|

A special episode with Steven Moore who zooms in from Ukraine to explain what is really going on in the war against Russia. Steven leads the Ukraine Freedom Project -

Episode 132 – Prager U Kids In Arizona

February 13th, 2024|

Arizona Education Secretary, Tom Horne, recently announced the Department's new alliance with PragerU - And, predictively, the teacher's unions lost their collective noodle. Chris and Sean are joined by, Jill Simonian,

Episode 130 – Bring Them Home, NOW!

February 5th, 2024|

Arizona Businessman, Entrepreneur, and founder of the Phoenix-Israel Situation Desk, Amir Glogau, joins Chris and Sean to talk about his recent trip to Israel and his efforts to bring relieve and