How does one come to be summarily referred by that of one’s initials?

My initials are CWC. But it would be weird and bizarre if anyone decided to actually CALL me that. However, with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), aka AOC, that’s precisely the case. And, an entire media complex has gone along with the joke, or the con, for several years. Because, before she became, AOC, Alexandria was simply “Sandy” – by all accounts, a mediocre bartender from Westchester, NY.

Moreover, despite the “socialist” overtones, she didn’t come from poverty or anything else but, in fact, was highly educated and grew up in a stable and typical middle-class family. In reality, she interviewed for the job to run for Congress; and, was propagated and supported by a leftist group called, “Justice Democrats.” So, whenever Sandy is speaking, you can be sure it’s not necessarily an original thought; but, rather a planted talking point or radical idea by her handlers at Justice Democrats (

So it made it even more bizarre when last week she tweeted that her grandmother, her “Abuela” was living in squalor in Puerto Rico with a leaky roof.

This, of course, is not a good thing; but, Sandy decided to make it political by blaming the Trump administration and hurricane relief not getting to the proper recipients. Now, we can debate the politics of hurricane relief for days, however, her tweet came with the simple question – Sandy, what are YOU doing to help your grandmother…?

And, there the hypocrisy begins. Sandy, the self-described “Socialist” has been photographed on the cover of Vanity Fair in designer clothes, has a $1 mil condo in Washington DC – not far from Washington Nationals Stadium – and recently decided to begin driving a Tesla – which, last time I checked, aren’t exactly cheap. One might think, with her newfound celebrity and wealth, she could help her grandmother. But no…

Then, in steps Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire to offer assistance. He sets up a Go Fund Me Page to actually send money to Sandy’s Abuela – and raises $100,000 in a little over four hours. Then, that assistance is rejected by the family of the recipient.

It all seems too surreal, hypocritical and pathetic. But that’s Sandy. Here’s hoping she can find it in her heart to move Abela to Washington DC for some loving care and a less leaky roof in her million-dollar condo…